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The only instrument I play is my vocal cords, but music is a large part of my soul. We are blessed with a great many talented musicians and singers in our fellowship. About half the membership of our local folk music society are also members of our congregation. It makes for a number of scheduling conflicts, but we benefit from their talents. Cabaret is great fun!

I'm in the choir, and I take voice lessons in between choir rehearsals. The combination works really well, practicing in a group and reinforcing the music individually.
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Intro post

Hello, I'm Melissa. I'm in Kent, OH, at the UU church of Kent in the OMD (Ohio-Meadville District)

We have some crazy musicians at our church. Anyone who goes to OMD SI would probably know Hal, our esteemed music director. I think he can play every instrument ever.

Anyway, I am a musician too, i sing in the choir, depending on what day it is i sing anything from tenor to first soprano, it makes for amusement. I play piano, and I have subbed a service before. I also was a music throy minor in college so I do some arranging and writing, although not too much for church stuff, but i'd like to do more.

One music Sunday, someone at church played Christmas carols on a turkey baster, no lie.

One of my favorite things we've sung in church has been Od Yavoh Shalom (i think that's the right spelling) -- it's a song about peace in a few languages.

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"Singer" not a "real musician"

Hi all,

I love music and I also like to sign songs, but I don't read music well and don't play any instruments. I'm one of those rare born-UUs and have been in my present church, Davies Memorial in Camp Springs, MD, for 20+ yrs. I go to GA as often as I can and usually sing in the GA choir.

I really enjoyed signing (while singing) "Precious Lord" for Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday (I consulted with an interpreter and some signing friends to make it more beautiful while also correct). I am planning to sing "Harriet Tubman" with two other ladies, hopefully on Feb. 5. Don't know if I'll sign it. I know I sang it a cappella at the coffee house last year, but don't remember how I signed it. It's a real challenge - both to sing and sign. This will be the first time as a trio and the piano accompaniment doesn't actually play what we sing.

My church is very musical, but most don't spend a lot of time online. There's one other member of my choir on LJ, though. I'll make the announcement about it. I hope it's OK for people to be here who aren't "real musicians" like me but just love music. Knowing UUs, I'm assuming it is.

- Joyce
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Hello Jill and all,

My name is David. I've been a UU for about 9 or 10 years, and attend South Valley UU in Salt Lake City, UT.

I've played classical guitar for over 30 years, and as such I am part of the monthly Sunday Services cycle for accompanying hymns and doxologies. As near as I can tell, I am in a pretty small minority of people who do this! I've made guitar adaptations of much of the material in Singing the Living Tradition, although some of the pieces flat-out don't work without the elaborations readily available with a keyboard. But the four-part choral type hymns generally fit the fretboard quite well (with some occasional twists and turns of the voice-leading!)
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This is a brand new community that I started after noting that many LJ UU musicians might like a haven to discuss all things music and UU. I hope that joining members will introduce themselves.

I'll start.

My name is Jill, and I'm a pianist in Los Angeles. I'm a member of the UUMN, and am thinking of taking things a step further, and heading to seminary in the near future. My goal? To become a music minister. The UUA supports many music ministers, but my understanding is that it's still a new concept. I come from a long line of ministers and musicians, so I hope that I can help the world with the skills I have. I still have a lot of growing to do, but am ready.

Please be welcome here, and join me in the circle.