Vanessa (singinbutterfly) wrote in uu_musicians_uu,

Question about salary and duties

YAY!  I'm so glad I found this community!  I had no idea this was here.

Just curious if we have any Music Directors in this group.  I have a question about salary and expected job duties that go with certain salaries.  My church is trying to say that my job is 1/4 time with a $5,600 salary for next year.  Our membership is probably around 150.  My dad, who is the finance chair is arguing heavily for me that they should not expect me to work 1/4 time for that amount and they should not call the position 1/4 time.  Is there anyone in this community who knows more about this topic or could lead me to finding some official information as to what the expectations should be for church music directors?  Our music committee already has a salary chart, but no explanations as to what the duties are.

By the way, my current job description is choir director, and I get paid $50 per event.  So each Wednesday rehearsal (just 1 adult choir) I get $50 and we sing 2x a month at services, so that's a total of about $300 a month (usually more in December because we sing more).  Over the summer, I get nothing because the choir takes summer off.  Since I'm only paid per-event, they don't take taxes out for me, which is kinda rough on me (I wish they did so I wouldn't have to pay every year).  I'm broke enough as it is.  :(  Last year I think I made around $3,500 with this job (I'm a grad student and a preschool teacher part-time as well), and my job duties were just with the choir, not arranging for special music or anything like that.  Our music committee does that.  Now the question is, what job duties should I be expected to do as they (gradually) raise my wages?

Thanks in advance,


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