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Vincent Brown Silliman 2008 Choral Anthem Competition

For those of you who are members of the UUMN, or FUUSE network, you've probably heard about the Silliman Choral Anthem competition for 2008.

For those of you who haven't, here's a head's up about what's going on in the UU music world.

Don't miss out on your chance to shape the music of the Unitarian
Universalist faith! The Vincent Brown Silliman Choral Anthem Competition
2008 has a deadline of June 1st for the reception of your composition.
Remember, In order to be a part this legacy, your entry compositions must
be: original, unpublished (NO arrangements or hymn-anthems); between 2-5
minutes long; and suitable for use in UU congregations, including following
commonly accepted UU guidelines for gender-inclusive language.

You, the composers must follow these guidelines with the risk of being
disqualified if not followed:
• A maximum of two submissions is allowed per participant. Five clear,
readable copies of each anthem must be submitted and received by June 1,
2008; your submissions will be returned only if accompanied by a
self-addressed and stamped envelope.
• Your Manuscript (MS) must be accompanied by a cover letter giving the
title of the work and your name, address (email if available) and telephone
numbers. A $10 submission fee for each piece must be enclosed (payable to
"UUMN"). Your identity must not be on the manuscript itself.
• Your MS must be accompanied by a statement giving the UUMN permission to
produce enough copies for a read-through of winning submissions at the
annual summer conference. [Information on copyright permission and/or
information regarding purchase will be included on those complimentary
• You must indicate category of difficulty on the cover letter (Easy,
Medium, Difficult).

Submissions may include solo/soli sections, may be accompanied or a
cappella, and may have been performed before (with the exception of UUMN
commissioned works, which are not eligible for this competition). You may
send in a recording of your piece with your MS. Please keep all recordings
anonymous as well. Composers will retain and hold copyright in their own
name or publishing company. Composers of any age may participate, and do not
have to be Unitarian Universalist.

The decision of the UUMN in granting the following prizes is final:
• $500 prize for one person in each category (Easy, Medium, Difficult).
Honorable Mention awards may also be given in each category.
• Winning anthems will be read at the UUMN Summer Conference, and
• A portion of each anthem will be featured in the UUMN Notes Newsletter and
online; they will be accompanied by information as to the availability of
purchase or use of winning anthems.

Want more information? Hop onto *

Happy Composing!
Nadya Hand
Chair, Silliman Choral Anthem Competition 2008
Tags: fyi, uu new music
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