UU Mom (uu_mom) wrote in uu_musicians_uu,
UU Mom

"The Great Debaters" historic music contest

I posted this before on debunkingwhite, but apparently no one was interested in getting a CD of original African American music from the '30's for free. It looks like there may as yet be only 2 winners out of 20 prizes - contest info here.

I received my CD, though I haven't seen the movie yet and hope I can find the time (I rarely go to the theater). The 14-page booklet that came with the CD tells about how Denzel Washington, who was also one of the producers, looked for authentic music for the movie. They also found artists who specialize in reproducing those sounds. It tells about the artists and a little history on each song. The last two pieces of the 17 on the CD are actually historic recordings. The last one by Marian Anderson.

If you don't want this free CD, please pass on the word to people who might be interested in historic African American music.
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