A Soft Melody (redqueenofevil) wrote in uu_musicians_uu,
A Soft Melody

Meeting in Portland

Hi everyone!

Those of you who are going to General Assembly and planning to sing in the choir, take heed! Seating is limited this year, so come early for the first rehearsal to guarantee a seat. Also, there's a typo in the handbook. The fee for the music (according to Leon Burke) is actually $15, not $10.

On a non music related note:

Is anyone interested in a meet-up outside of choir rehearsals? Let's go for it!

I'm 5'5 1/2", sport reddish shoulder length hair (hence my user name), glasses, and most likely, sneakers.

Oh, and I may be working at the UUMN booth in the dealer's room at some point.

How bout you?

Hope to meet you there!
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