UU Mom (uu_mom) wrote in uu_musicians_uu,
UU Mom

Spreading our message with signed songs?

My personal web site gets a lot of hits for "sign songs". It's #1 or #2 on some searches for "signing songs". UUs who'd like to spread our message via the internet have suggested we do more on YouTube. So I'd be willing to spend some time trying to produce one or more videos by signing songs that would help spread the UU message. I know of several that would be good and am writing to the composers for copyright permission. I will give the artist credit and include the fact that it is copyrighted on the recording. I don't know that I'd use the musician's own recording and just sign it or if I'll sing and sign their song(s). One UU song I have performed, my husband created the instrumentation for on music writing software. If I get copyright permission to use it, I could use my digital camera and play the digitized music as background while I sing and sign. I hope that would work. Since I don't have a band or special recording equipment, does anyone have any other suggestions? The better a production it is, the more attention it would get, I guess. I would link to it from the page that gets the hits for "signing songs." It gets over 30 unique visits per week.
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