A Soft Melody (redqueenofevil) wrote in uu_musicians_uu,
A Soft Melody

Back from UUMN

Hello everyone,

As you may know, last week was the annual UUMN (Unitarian Universalist Musicians Network) conference in St Paul, MN. Were any of you in attendance as well? If so, please share your thoughts on this year's conference. In fact, with so many gatherings this summer, feel free to share your thoughts on some of the other groups you've attended this summer. From GA to UUMN, to Opus, ConCentric, to family UU camp, the list goes on. One of the reasons for this community is to share our experiences with the UUA, and it's time to stir up the pot for everyone's input.

For members here not a part of UUMN, I encourage each of you to consider joining this group. Feel free to check out uua.org/uumn, or you can ask questions here.

Blessings to you all.
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