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From General Assembly

I posted something about music on my LJ, so I hope you don't mind my reposting it here. I thought you all might be interested.

Free music, humor, and inspiration
...and all in one program (though two media files)!

"*you* may be...

one last spark...

that we *all* need...

to light the whole world."

This is how she ended GA in the Closing Ceremony. I was standing practically behind Meg Barnhouse as I was in the first row of the choir. Now I know better who she is.

You can listen to Meg Barnhouse from Radio Free Bubba. Go to: this web page, look under Friday, June 23 and it's the 4th one down. Her first song, following a musical introduction, was one she wrote for her congregation's 50th anniversary. The lyrics are about having "mango thoughts in a meatloaf town" and says "...we've got a feast for the spirit and feast for the mind" - yes, indeed! Pat Jobe says that if Meg was Gladys Knight, he'd be a Pip. He sings a song he wrote after telling the story about why he composed it on "part B" of the recording on the web page linked above "if you ever start thinking you're Jesus..." and also "if you even start thinking you're Buddha" and other gods (his son said he should have a verse for every one, but there are over 600,000).

I'm buying the cd. Don't know about buying the book, though. I'm waiting to hear more about it.
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