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The Fruits of My Labors

Thanks to everyone here who offered insight on music for their Flower Communion services! I thought I would share with you what we have come up with for this upcoming service. I would also like to invite you and your friends to attend, if you're in the area.

First of all, the choir is going to have a bigger part in the service. Rather than just one anthem, the music director and I are also introducing a couple of hymns that the congregation doesn't know yet. Perhaps if they like these pieces enough, we can get the congregation to sing them in the future.

The anthem is: For The Beauty of the Earth, Jim Scott's arrangement. It's extremely short, but quite lovely.
Centering music is Thula Klizeo, from the STJ supplement.
Choral Meditation is 'Color and Fragrance' which is #78 in the STLT hymnal. It was written by Norbert Capek, so I fell it's very appropriate, and something different from the "Mother Spirit, Father Spirit" we all know and love.

The hymns (there are definitely more than I would have liked to use) we'll be singing are: 1000 (from STJ supplement) Morning has Come (a popular hymn in our congregation).
305 De Colores (thanks for the suggestion of this!)
1058 Be Ours a Religion (again from STJ supplement)

And we will end with a closing circle (our service will be in the round this year) with the song 1057 (stj), Go Lifted Up. (This is one of our minister's favorites, so he requested it).

The music director will be playing for the service music the following: Prelude- Mozart's Fantasy in d; Offertory- Ashokan Farewell, with a violinist (this was my request); and Postlude: Footprints by Wayne Shorter.

For the procession of flowers, I'll be playing from Beethoven's variations, Op 34.
For the actual communion (distribution of flowers part), I'll play the Allegro from Mozart's sonata in F, K 332 (Why not the second movement? Because this is less of a meditative time, than a celebration).

Again, thank you for your input, it was very helpful for creating this service. If you're in the LA area, and not busy on Sunday morning, please feel free to attend our service.

Sunday is our annual Flower Communion, a communion which with the exchange of flowers, celebrates the unity and diversity, the acceptanceof others. It is probably one of my favorite religious services totake part in. And the last two years? I've been given the task of organizing these Flower Communion services. You are invited. Just bring a flower.

WHEN: Sunday, June 11th, 11am .
WHERE: Throop Memorial Church, 300 S Los Robles (at Del Mar). Pasadena, in Throop hall, not the sanctuary.

Questions? You can call Throop at 626-795-8625, or send your questions to me here.

(This invitation has been cross posted in several places).

I hope you have a pleasant weekend. Peace.
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