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Hi. My name is Evanne. I live in Houston, Texas and attend Emerson UU Church, where I sing soprano in the choir and the small group vocal ensemble. I attend Houston Community College where I am pursuing an Associates Degree in Nursing and an Associates Degree in Voice.

Emerson has a large and growing music program. There's the regular choir, the small group vocal ensemble, the children's choir, the intergenerational orchestra, the band, the recorder ensemble, and a community of music lovers and musicians. As often as possible, the church lends its space to special music programs such as Guitar Houston and Third Millenium Voices.

On April 1 the choir is giving a concert. The first half will feature solos, duets, and such and also a piece or two by the small group. The second half of the concert is Vivaldi's Gloria. I have the second soprano voice in the third movement soprano duet! I'm definitely looking forward to that.

Something interesting I thought y'all would appreciate is how our congregation is learning hymns from the new supplement. 10 minutes before the Sunday service starts and just prior to the prelude, a member of the choir leads the congregation in learning new hymns, which actually serves more than educational purposes. Not only does the congregation become more familiar more quickly with the songs, but it also lets people know that it's time for the service to begin! Sometimes we have trouble sticking to the schedule (starting late and ending late), and this helps keep us on track.
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